Animal Traps

Metal Selection for Animal Traps

In Fast Exit Animal Trap the options of the construction of the Animal Trap are with Stainless or Galvanized metals.

304 Stainless grade Steel (anti-magnet).
Factory Falvanized.

The Fast Exit Animal Trap of  Venter – Provatotechniki  is a quick solution to trap the goat or sheeps under the Milking Process.

The Fast Exit Animal Trap of  Venter – Provatotechniki offers the Easier Adjustment of the animals in the Mechanical Milking Process.


  • Trap door that Locks.

  • Trap with Additional Floor Fupport.

  • FESTO German Air Pistons with ISO Certificate.

  • Innovation in Goats trapping without neck keys.

  • Greater Strength and Stability in the traps 24 seats and 32 seats because it spreads in 8 positions (3×8 = 24 and 4×8 = 32).

Fast Exit animal Trap

Steady Exit Animal Trap

The Steady Exit Animal Trap Exit by Venter – Provatotechniki is designed in a Compact Galvanized Cold Construction.

The attitude of the SteadyAnimal Trap by Venter – Provatotechniki is simple and very handy in tight spaces.


  • Both Entry and Exit Doors.

  • Trough with Individual Position per animal.

  • Double Key Trapping.

  • Railings for the Delimitation of Space and Easy and Safe Operation of Milking Process.