Movable Milking System

  • The Movable Milking System is the solution for those who choose to transfer their herd making the journey from the plains to the mountain and back to the lowlands (winter pastures) in the early autumn.

  • It’s the ideal choice for those who are having building restrictions.

  • The removable platform does not require construct permission for the installation of the stall.

  • The size of a transportable milking parlor may have from 8 positions and reach to 24 positions.

  • The unique design of the platform makes it easy to move and install in any space.

  • The robust construction of it, can cope easily the most difficult road.

  • Our innovation but is not only in the easy mobility and its solid construction, but it’s the first platform that was built with Low Milking Line.

  • The Low Milking Line offers easier milking for the animals without reducing the fat of the milk (as in “high milking line”) which means more profit to the farmer and better quality to the milk.