V-3640 Milking System

The Innovative Milking System V-3640 of Venter – Provatotechniki, offers you a New Technology in Milking Systems.
The V-7670 Milking System has a large number of applications as a standard equipment, utters ease and security in the fuctionality of your Business.


  • A Classic Milking System (One Time System).

  • Central Transmitter with the Innovative System of Periodic Pulse.

  • Control Panel in any language and with the ability upgrading in any new application.

  • Ultramodern Washing Machine with Automatic Measuring and Automatic Detergents Loaders.

  • Electronic Automatic Air Intake during the washing  (Air Injector).

  • GR12 Milk Liners with Automatic V-300 Milk Liner Pump Valve.

  • All Milk Lines are made with Silicone.

  • Electrical Table.

  • 24volt Operation System.


GR12 Milk Liners

The GR12 Milk Liners Venter – Provatotechniki are designed,  to meet the increased demands of the Milking Systems Market.
The GR12 Milk Liners by Venter – Provatotechniki, offer a quick and gentle milking with a wide range Milking Ability.

V-300 Milk Liner Pump Valve

The Innovative V-300 Milk Liner Valve has new sections and Waterproofing Gasket Silicone.
The Innovative V-300 Milk Liner Valve offers Immediate Vacuum Stop, with Greater Resistance and Improved Milking Quality.

Central Pulse

he Central Pulse Generator by Venter – Provatotechniki is programmed to implement the electronic board, for Higher Strength and Accuracy to the commands.
Together in any Language, make him Easy and Simple to function.
With Saved Commands for Fast options and the Ability to Adapt in the needs of each herd by the command “Settings”.

Washing (Laundry) System

The Automatic Washing (Laundry) System of Venter – Provatoechniki consists of three different parts, in which together they offer a Complete Safe & Quality Laundry Process.


Acid Active

  • Acid Detergent with Premium Quality with Additional Purifying Use.
  • Net Weight: 23.7 kg
  • Low Dilution: 0.4% – 1%
  • Application Temperature: 40C – 60C

Alkali Active

  • Alkaline Detergent, with Premium Quality, Qualified for GOAT Dairy use.
  • Net Weight: 25kg
  • Low Dilution: 0.4% – 1%
  • Application temperature: 40C – 60C

Central Laundry Menu

With Automatic Detergent Dosing with Detergent Level Control, makes importantly easy and simple the Washing Process.

Air Injector

The Air Injector is an essential tool for the Washing Quality for cleaning the Milking System.
It’s the mechanism that with the Intake Air in the Washing Procedure achieves Swelling of the water located in the piping, providing a Perfect Clean.

Vacuum Rise

It is the function in the program of the Laundry Machine, that increases the Negative System only during the Washing Program.

Laundry Case

Plastic Laundry Case with the Best Laundering Behavior and Long Life compared to conventional laundry bags made of rubber.

Vacuum Pump

Lubricated pump three (3) points
for Longer Life
and Low Level Noise.

Milking System Electronic Table

Full Industrial Heavy Duty Electronic Table.