Venter Company Milking Systems

Venter – Provatotechniki was founded in 2005 and headquartered at Katerini – Pieria in Greece and constructs and maintains Milking Systems for Sheep and Goats.

Our Milking Systems for Sheep and Goats  are manufactured by us, at rate of almost 80%.

We provide Milking Systems which are comfortable and easy to use, made suitable for professional and efficient operation.

Our Innovative Ideas in New Technologies in Milking Systems, specializing in Sheep and Goats, have changed the data in the Global market.

Our Vision, is implemented by the best Human Resources.
The innovative New Technology in our Milking Systems, has a large number of applications as standard and pronounce easily and securily for your livestock.

All our products are CE certified.

We managed to grow in nearby cities and in a short time we covered the needs of farmers throughout Greece. In recent years our presence has been launched in overseas markets, such as Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Skopje.