V-START Milking System

The innovative Milking System V-START of Venter – Provatotechniki, is a very good choice for small and medium-sized farms.

The Milking System V-START of Venter – Provatotechniki,
it’s a Milking System with the possibility of future upgrades and expansion.

The original construction starts of 8 positions. The V -START can be combined with Steady and Fast Exit Trap.


  • Electronic Pulsators.

  • Silicone milk lines.

  • Innovative Silicone Breast pumps GR12 for soft and fast milking.

  • Plastic laundry Cases.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine.

  • Milk pump.

  • Function with single phase current (in some models)


– Extra Equipment –
V-Multiflexion Milking System

V- Multiflexion is an Innovation in the Milking Process.

V- Multiflexion offers:

  • Milking speed increase 25%.

  • It takes more milk from the sheep or goat in comparison with the regular Milking System.

  • It makes it easy for the animal to a quick and smooth start in the milking process as Multiflexion is a form of massage of the udder of the animal.

Washing (Laundry) System

Semi – Automatic Washing (Laundry) System


Acid Active

  • Acid Detergent with Premium Quality with Additional Purifying Use.
  • Net Weight: 23.7 kg
  • Low Dilution: 0.4% – 1%
  • Application Temperature: 40C – 60C

Alkali Active

  • Alkaline Detergent, with Premium Quality, Qualified for GOAT Dairy use.
  • Net Weight: 25kg
  • Low Dilution: 0.4% – 1%
  • Application temperature: 40C – 60C

Laundry Case

Plastic Laundry Case with the Best Laundering Behavior and Long Life compared to conventional laundry bags made of rubber.

GR12 Milk Liners

The GR12 Milk Liners Venter – Provatotechniki has designed,  to meet the increased demands of the Milking Systems Market.
The GR12 Milk Liners by Venter – Provatotechniki, offers a quick and gentle milking with a wide range Milking Ability.

V-300 Automatic Milk Liner Valve

The Innovative V-300 Milk Liner Valve has new sections and Waterproofing Gasket Silicone.
The Innovative V-300 Milk Liner Valve offers Immediate Vacuum Stop, with Greater Resistance and Improved Milking Quality.

Semi Automatic Milk Unit Collection (Milk Terminal)

Milk Concentration into a stainless terminal,
wherein the specific Pump Automatically Transfers
the Milk into Milk Cooling Tables or Plastic containers.

Vacuum Pump

Lubricated pump three (3) points
for Longer Life
and Low Level Noise.

Milking System Electronic Table

Full Industrial Heavy Duty Electronic Table.

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